About Europa Volkswandertage

EVG-Europe Hiking Days.

For the 34th time, hikers from all Europe will be invited to participate in the annual Europe Hiking Days. This arrangement is held every year in one of the countries connected to the EVG. In Pentecost 2019 It is located to the beautiful Gastein Valley in Austria with the starting point in Dorfgastein at the entrance of the valley.

The event offers hikes through beautiful landscapes in which the social as well as the nature experiences are in the foreground.

The hikes are open to all, like every hike within the EVG, whether you belong to a group or a hiking club, or you go with the family or on your own, you are always welcome, and after the hike you may have made some new friendships or at least had beautiful experiences. If you participate in a group, it is necessary to name the group on the starting cards – then you will participate in the group ranking.

The hikes offer 4 different routes each day, and you have free choice of which to choose. If you have good time and a lot of energy, you can choose one of the longer distances (21 or 42 km), and if the time and energy and the physical level are smaller, you can choose 7 or 14 km. Everyone has the possibility to get a certificate or a medal after the hike, and they are all the same. As a souvenir of the hiking days you can also buy a special T-shirt; it is recommended to order this in advance, as the edition is limited.



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