About Dorfgastein


A paradise for mountain lovers and sports fans.

This charming town has successfully managed to preserve its authentic character. Here, the pace of life is a little mellower than in its more bustling sister towns. In terms of all the things there are to see and do, however, Dorfgastein is second to no one. Nestled amid the imposing mountain world of Gastein, Dorfgastein offers everything you could wish for from an active vacation – whether for families with childrenseniorshobby athletes or even pros. And, after a full day of outdoor activity, when it’s time for pure relaxation, you will find the perfect opportunity at one of the traditional events celebrating local folk customs, such as Harvest Festival.

Mountains of Hiking Adventures: Dorfgastein in Summer

Surrounded by the lush green mountainsides, this place is a true paradise in summer, and not only for fans of outdoor sports. It’s simply pure joy just to look at. That said, right outside your own front door hiking paths do extend out farther than the eye can see. Setting out from Dorfgastein, around 115 km of hiking routes are just waiting to be discovered by you. With your hiking boots laced up, your provisions stowed and your rucksack slung over your shoulders, it’s time to head out into this picture-book countryside. The trails lead you through forests and across fields, past historical buildings such as the Klammstein ruins, alongside cheerfully babbling streams, to crystal-clear alpine tarns and even to the Gastein Gorge.

Are you spending a vacation in Dorfgastein with your children? Wonderful! Here, we have many different hiking tours suitable for the whole family. For seniors, too, we have routes that are less steep, yet still promise magnificent views of the Hohe Tauern peaks. Needless to say, the fresh mountain air is certain to work up an appetite, so a refreshment break at a mountain hut will be a welcome prospect. When you sit down on a bench, a long hiking stage already under your belt, with the sun in your face, the traditional Salzburg food you are served is certain to taste twice as good.